My HP 48GX don't turn on! help me...


Dear friends

My HP 48GX don't turn on.
I retained its for 2 years, without the battery.
When I try turn on now, nothing.
Please, if somebody can help me...


Dear Edgar,

make sure you have fesh batteries,

make also sure you put them in with the correct polarity.

Never put them in with wrong polarity,

regardless of what some people might say,

unless you can drop them the bill for a new HP-48;-)

If that doesn't help, you could try the ON+C reset first.

For this you press and hold the ON key,

then press the third white menu key from the left,

then release both. If the calc starts, you're done:-)

If that won't do either, you can try the hard (pin hole) reset.

For this pry out the rubber foot on the back which is next to

the word 'ONLY' of '128K ONLY'. You'll see a small hole,

and lightly visible a small letter 'R' left to it.

Straighten an end of a paper clip and carefully insert it into the hole,

until you feel kinda resistance. Hold it there for a second or two.

Then remove the paper clip end, and press the ON key.

The calc should now turn on.

If it still doesn't turn on, there may be a hardware defect,

like a shrunken contact pad between the display and the main pcb.

BTW it's a good idea to remove any extension cards

before trying the above procedures.



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