HP48GX -- 2 years not in use -- cant get it run


I have a big problem with my HP48GX. I read already in the archiv that of the RAM is without battery for a too long time strange things might happen.

Well my problem right now is, that when putting new batteries in, I just see first these fast running horizontal lines going from the upper part of the display to the lower. I thought perhaps the HP is recovering. But it is now on for more than 2 hours, the lines have changed however. Now its just one thick line that is going downwards, but still no response to any keyboard entry.

Hopefully I get my HP to work again ....
I thought I am asking first perhaps I have to wait longer to recover all memory, before i am trying to reset or delete what was on my memory (if this did not yet happen already ... )

Thanks for your help


With the batteries out of the alculator, use a piece of metal to connect the batterie contacrs. Ths acion should discharge any possible static charge. Insert the batteries and see f it turns on.



Here are some fixes you can try:

1. Check that your batteries are inserted in the correct position. If so, then remove the batteries and re-insert them. Does the HP turn on correctly?

2. If not, keep the batteries in there and leave your HP on. Turn it over so that you see the four rubber feet. Remove the top right rubber foot. You will see a hole where the rubber foot used to be. Take a paper clip and press it gently into that hole. Take a look at your HP's screen now. It should be off. Now turn your HP back on again, and chances are your HP is back to working order (with a "Recover Memory?" screen).

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