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Can someone tell me a bit more about attaching a theodolite to a HP calculator (HP-41 Serie, HP-71B, HP48GX, ...). What theodolite is needed for what system? There are so many different systems.
For the HP48GX there is a SMI and a Topcon software, so I think there is at least one Topcon theodolite for this, but which one? What do I need else?
For the HP-71B and for the HP-41 Serie there extists also Surveing software. For the HP-41 I have a DIF41. This is the interface to attach a Kern Swiss Theodolite E1/E2 (so at least here I know what I need).
Maybe someoe can sell me usable configurations as Calculator, Software and Theodolite. With what systems do you operate?



attaching: It's not just the software. Except for Topcon and Leitz they all use different plugs, or at least different pinouts. The oldest 2 Topcons also used their (don't ask me how) power input socket to transfer data but they only output distances. Older Geodimeters also had the problem of only transfering distance, at least to TDS. Of course, the HP platforms all use their own plugs on that end, with the exception of one TDS 41 configuration, which uses a standard 9 pin. D'zign's great 48 series programs were never marketed with data collection capability because each gun (dozens) needs it's own routine and Ted said it was just too much trouble back then. However, he would give users the program he wrote for his own Topcon 3B. Allen Precision Istruments caries a lot of the cables.

sell:If you want to have an instrument to trigger from your calculator just to have; i'd suggest looking for one of the older Topcons, they go cheap. The HP 3810b sometimes gets sold for a couple of hundred bucks. No one with a functioning Kern is going to sell it for what you will want to pay. They had sweet glass. You may someday, as they say, pry it from his cold dead hands. This is an IF: If Airbus uses Kern in the airframe division they will sell off working units after they have had the guts turned out of them. This happens with Boeing and their used Wild equipment. Good luck.

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