82143 Printer Cable for HP41 for I/O


Does anyone have specs on the cable and connector for the 82143 printer for the HP41? There is a chapter in "Controlling the World with HPIL" which discusses using this connector when disconnected from the printer for other I/O. The article is simply using the connector and the cable but none of the signals. I'm just curious if anyone has done anything to use that interface for something other than the printer.



I hacked up something to montitor the signals over that cable and output the data bytes on an EIA-232 serial port. It depended on the printer still being attached and handshaking properly with the module electronics. It would be more difficult to replace the printer entirely.

But unless you have a source of lots of 82143A printer modules (sans printers), what's the point? Designing a one-off interface usinng the 82143A module would be quite a lot of work. It's much easier to just get an 82160A HP-IL interface and an HP-IL converter (serial, GPIO, or HPIB) and use that to connect things.

The closest thing to specs for the signals on that cable that has been seen outside HP would be the documentation on the NPIC chip, which can be found on TOS. It's a clocked synchronous protocol.


My interest is purely curiosity. I have several 82143's that don't work and I have all the IL gear. I'm just curious if there have been any other implementations or technical details that would allow me to tinker.

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