Increase HP48GX processor speed


I thought I read either here or at the site that the processor speed of an HP48GX can be increased at the expense of battery life and incorrect clock time. But now that I have need to do it, I can't find how to do it again. I use my 48GX as a surveying data collector to control a Topcon robotic total station. I really like the 48GX & SMI software, but I really could use the speed increase. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



there were some companies offering speed upgrades for the HP-48,

one of them is Dynatach (,

maybe Cynox ( offered the upgrade, too.

These upgrades were mostly made by Mr. Kemper (,

so you could ask him directly.

However if you mainly need the speed increase because the input forms,

choose boxes, and alike are too slow, I have another suggestion:

There exists a software speed upgrade for these user interface elements.

It's called SpeedUI and can be found on .

I have a speed & mem upgraded HP-4G+ from Dynatech,

but with the SpeedUI, the forms are fast enough even in

normal processor speed.

Ok, this is kinda advertizing SpeedUI,

but hey, it's downloadable for free;-)



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