32s2 for 48gx


i have 2 32s basically mint and hardly used, maybe a few hours each from singapore, and 2 x 48g plus the beat up 42s and a hp48 gx for surveying
i would be interested in getting a 48 gx with survey pro card as a back up for my other work gx, if anybody would want to do a deal for one of the 32s and they have a gx for sale let me know, i placed an add in the wanted section but got two identical emails from china, but with different names saying they had some in a wharehouse, maybe a scam. anyway if anyone has a gx in australia they wouls sell


So are you looking for an HP48GX only? Or did you want a complete package (HP48GX + Survey card)?



i would like the gx and a survey pro card and cables etc, i have tds survey, but the pro is better, its a gamble i guess, somebody said even the cards crash fatally, but a tds ranger for constructions sites only is out of my range of dollars, does anyone know if the ranger has an rpn calculator built in, i may be off to jamaica after taiwan, or iraq, hmm no i hope not
cheers david


If I recall, TDS had a trade-in period for the Survey Pro cards for about $400. It was part of some promotional thing they did to help surveyors transition from the (then) soon-to-be discontinued HP48GX. With this in mind, it may be that there are even fewer Pro versions out there, and that you may be paying top dollar for them. Is the Ranger that much more expensive?


Rangers can run 4-8 thousand depending on which software and upgrades you run.

That is one of the reasons our DC49 will clean up when it is released.




there's an Ebay auction featuring what you are looking for.

Item number: 5835392496 .

Ok, it's a complete set, but it contains at least

three valuable items: the GX, the Survey Pro card,

and the 1MB mem card.

The TDS card alone may be worth more than $400,

much more than even a NIB 32SII,

so the remaining items included in the auction

could be considered as cheap add-ons;-)




i wasnt asking for an equal swap, but as part payment if anyone had a gx they didnt use much, i would trust people from here more than e bay to buy, the ranger base unit is 2700usd and about the same for survey pro, if i can get the company to for out for the programme i may get the ranger but the gx is a great unit, someone writes about a 49g invention, i saw the site of an hp cacl shoved in a plastic box, doesnt look too professtional, i thought he gx wasnt stable, anyway i will keep looking
thanks to all

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