Craig Finseth's site is a must-read!


I've been over there many time--but I just had to mention it. For all of you who are insuffereably interested or even obsessed with knowing what all the models were and especially how they differed or bugs, Craig's list is a great asset--as is the museum here. Where the museum has in-depth discussion of great interest and fun to read, Craig has what is approaching a comprehensive database.

A good example, extracted from his discussion of solvers:


This solver is similar to TVM5, except that it has been generalized to
handle any equation.

<name> stores the value in the variable
STO <name> stores the value in the variable
<name> (2nd in a row), solves for the variable
RCL <name> recalls a value from the variable

The solvers on the 17BII, 19B, 19BII, and -27S also have L(et) and
G(et) functions.

The solvers on the -17B, 17BII, -18C, 19B, and 19BII do algebraic
simplification: this feature was removed from the -27S in order to
save space.

The solver on the 17BII / 19B / 19BII is the best one of the set.

Note that there *is* a small difference between the 27s and the 17bii solver--algebraic simplification!


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