For what it is worth...


... my HP39G CAS enabler aplet is downloadable from Eric's site.


It made the Hp39G worth owning. Without this nice app, the Hp39G is merely a copycat Ti-83. It effectively gave the Hp39G an equation writer (which it lacked). That alone was worth having.

Thanks for that contribution (and I know you have made other contributions as well). Thanks.

I thought the Hp39G should have come standard with CAS as it might as well be loaded up with all sorts of extras and goodies so that the discerning customer would have an edge over his fellow (sheep) students that bought Ti's (add credulence to the Hp marketing slogan, THE HP ADVANTAGE or as I like to say THE HP UNFAIR ADVANTAGE).

If Hp had released the Hp39G with CAS and an RPN mode, they may have made more sales. That it would rob sales from the Hp48/49 was true, but it is much easier to use in algebraic mode (no damn plethoria of flags) than the 48/49 series.

I understand your CAS will not work on the newer Hp39G+ though. I also suspect you cannot confirm nor deny either.


It won't. They learned any physicaly removed the CAS code from the 39g+. The new 40GS appears to have it back.

I still think it was very dumb to not have the EQW active though. That is a huge feature people love.



What IS this HP 40GS? Obviously it is not sold in the 'States. But I can't even find an informational page on it on the Internet!

#16 has a small photo of it on the main page (shown with the Hp39G section) and may have a larger jpg somewhere on its site. I have seen it for sale (though not yet available, ie pre-sale) at some German calculator site.

It seems that it will only be available to the European market (if it is ever sold), within the next few weeks (or now, I haven't followed up). It is basically an Hp39G+ in a different (and nicer looking) skin with CAS (at the expense of IR, which I don't value all that much, as long as Hp also supplies a cable).


Best bet for these types of questions is to google it.

That brings up three pages with "hp40gs" as the search term, including the page that has a picture.




Best bet for these types of questions is to google it.

That brings up three pages with "hp40gs" as the search term, including the page that has a picture.



Anyone else wish the 49G+ used that color scheme? Great looking device.


I think it's more aesthetically pleasing. I question if it's more legible, though. The orange on slate is very legible, but the white on slate is less so.


Hi Jordi,

Nice to hear from you :-)


Hi Jordi,

I saw your aplet at on Saturday and downloaded then. As luck would have it, I picked up an HP39G at a Goodwill store on Sunday and installed your CAS Enabler. WORKS GREAT!

I've been meaning to buy a postcard (showing Portland Oregon) because you mentioned your application is "postcardware". Now that you've announced it here, I just wanted to say THANKS!! I still plan to send the postcard :-)



Very nice!

Also nice to see you posting here still!

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