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I recently aquired a Sharp PC-1425 statistics calculator. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a manual. I know that some of you are not only addicted to HP calculators. So probably, there is anybody out there you can provide me information/documentation about this calulator. Didn't found much on the Web. Any help highly appreciated!

Thank you,


Me too !! :-)

I've also been unable to get hold of any kind of manuals or instructions for this particular model, even after posting in several forum's classified sections, extensively searching the web, and keeping watch at eBay.

So if someone can offer any instructions or manuals, be they for free or for money, I'd be very glad to hear. It's terribly frustrating owning such fine handheld and not being able to exploit its wonders to the fullest due to an absolute lack of docs.

Best regards from V.


What do you think is the reason that it is so difficult to find any documentation about this model? Whas the manual so bad that everybody got rid of it, or is this a rare calculator?

Do you know if the various Sharp models use (more ore less) the same BASIC dialect? Is there any documentation about Sharp BASIC?

Valentin, hope we are lucky and find someone who can make us happy again ;-)

Best Regards,


Hi, Juergen:

Juergen posted:

"What do you think is the reason that it is so difficult to find any documentation about this model? Whas the manual so bad that everybody got rid of it, or is this a rare

    It's an extremely rare calculator. I've only seen it offered for sale three times or so. Got mine in eBay for 44 euros (about US$ 50 at the time).
"Do you know if the various Sharp models use (more ore less) the same BASIC dialect?"
    Yes, pretty much the same with obvious extensions for the dedicated models. So, your SHARP PC-1425 does have the same BASIC "level 2" with statistic functions added, the financial SHARP PC-1421 does have the same BASIC "level 2" with financial BASIC statements added (such as IRR, NPV, etc), ...

    There are mainly two flavors of vintage SHARP BASIC. Level 1 is the dialect that came with the original SHARP PC-1211 and several other models. Level 2 is the advanced dialect that came with the newer models, such as the SHARP PC-1350, your PC-1425, etc. This advanced BASIC upgrades the older version with two dimensional arrays, multi-character variable names, and many, many extensions,

    Programs written in Level 1 can be keyed in and even read from tape by Level 2 machines with few or no modifications. The reverse isn't true, logically. But the bottom line is there are essentially only two versions of vintage SHARP BASIC and they are upwards compatible.

"Is there any documentation about Sharp BASIC?"
    Yes, tons ! You'll find tons of original SHARP manuals scanned and converted to PDF documents freely downloadable from here, both in German and in English. Regrettably, the one for the PC-1425 is missing, but you can download the German manual for the PC-1421 instead, which will include tutorials and reference for all the functionality of your PC-1425, plus business functions (not present in your machine, of course) and minus the statistical functions (not present in the PC-1421, obviously).
"Valentin, hope we are lucky and find someone who can make us happy again ;-)"
    Let's hope. And if you do before I do, please let me know, and vice versa.
Best regards from V.


Thank you much for this information, that's a good starting point!


The website www.manuals-in-pdf.com sells PDF copies of said manual for about $16.

I'm not affiliated with the company, just found them in Google.



Thanks, Marcus, but I've tried that link and it doesn't show this model, or price, or anything but "0 results". Can you provide an specific link where it says this manual is available and costs $16 ?

Best regards from V.


When I clicked on the link it took me directly to the pc1425 manuals.

Charlie O.


It works for me, Valentin. The full URL (what you get if you click on the link, rather than copying the text) is:


Thanks a lot to both of you for caring, but it really doesn't
work for me. Even if I copy the entire link and paste it in
the "URL:" field and make extra-sure it's correct, the page that
does appears doesn't feature any manual, calculator, or price at

May have to do something with localization, as some texts do appears in Spanish ("FABRICANTE", "DESCRIPCION") intermingled with others in English ("TABLE_HEADING_DOWNLOAD", "TABLE_HEADING_TYPE") in a way that seems to me something did error out. Thanks anyway and

Best regards from V.


If you have your computer set to Spanish maybe if you temporarily change to English?


Hi, Charlie O.:

Thanks a lot but for a number of reasons, it's not that easy ...

Best regards from V.



can you go to their home page and enter the search term "Sharp PC-1425"? Or does it fail in the same way?




What browser are you using? That might be your problem.

I prefer Netscape 7.1 to MS Internet Explorer, and I occasionally find that a web site will not load properly unless I use IE.

(Another example of MS domination!)

I haven't yet tried Firefox or Opera.


Nov 30, 2005


I recently happend to be in a similar case : a friend could easily access a web site, while I could not. It turned out that he was using Internet Explorer ( MS registered software and name )while I was using an early version of OPERA ( egistered software too ). When I subsequently searched this site with I.E. everything worked just fine.

Maybe this could explain your difficulties in attemting to acces a site which various other peole - including myself a few minutes ago - can easily access !

Just my one (Euro)cent opinion !!!

Best Regards



Hallo Jürgen!

I propose you ask Ulf Wagemann, author of the wonderful Pocketeer site.

Knowing he has the manual in german (Check the /Extra/Literature submenu), maybe he'd be glad to email it to you.

Notice: please only use plain text when emailing him.

He's one of the most knowledgeable Sharpmenschen I know.

MfG from France!


Edited: 30 Nov 2005, 12:09 p.m.


Great! This could make dealing with the broken localization software on the pay site avoidable for Valentin!

I just purchased a PC-1500A on eBay. It comes with the user documentation, but I'm intreested in the service manual too. So this link is helpful to me as well. Thanks, Etienne!



Good evening Howard,

I do not know the PC-1500A.

However, you will find the PC-1500 service manual here and the TRM here .

...amongst others.

(Courtesy E. Beaurepaire, merci)


Edited: 30 Nov 2005, 2:26 p.m.


Thanks again. Etienne!

The 1500A is a 1500 in a slightly larger package. There's probably lots of overlap between the two, so the given link is very helpful.

That site is also quite interesting! I see lots of one line display format graphical games there. Some of them could probably be translated to run on the HP-71B. 8)



I'm getting Yahtzaddict (71B variant)...and it's your fault :-))

So any program you'll design, translate, transmute...will be more than welcome!!

And congratulations for your beautiful site: browsing it is a pleasure.

Best regards from France!



It's the musical prompts. Not my fault. 8)

Thanks for your kind words!



The PC1500A and PC1500 are basically the same model in the same package, with the exception of memory: PC1500 has only 2k, while the PC1500A has 8k of user memory.

In terms of chips used, the A version has four 2k chips from Toshiba (if I remember correctly, they were TC5517).

If anyone needs more details, let me know.

Best regards



Salu Etienne,

ça va bien? Thank you much for this hint. I've mailed to Mr. Wegemann, let's see if I am lucky. BTW, a *very* nice and interesting web site!

Best Regards,


Hello Jürgen!

Nice to read you again! Hope you get the manual.

If this does not work, you might try getting a copy of the french version of the manual
from Musepat.

If Pat... accepts to send a Pdf manual, I'll be glad to translate some PC-1425 specific pages if needed.

Friendly regards.


[following image is source and copyright Musepat]

Edited: 30 Nov 2005, 3:42 p.m.



Die Sharp PC-1425 Anleitungen findest Du auch im Deutschland!! auf dieser Seite inklusiv Bedienungsanleitung auf Deutsch und Service Manual (Englisch). EUR 10,59 je Buch.

PC-1425 im "Modell" eingeben




Valentin, Howard, all,

You may also find here the PC-1425 user manual in german and the service manual in English for EUR 10,59 per manual.

Type PC-1425 in the Modell field (and don't try to use the english pages).



Edited: 30 Nov 2005, 5:40 p.m.


Hi, Etienne:

Yes, that link does work for me and I can see the two manuals
offered for the SHARP PC-1425.

Unfortunately, the one I'm interested in, namely the "Owner's Handbook" is only available in German, which regrettably I can't read or translate. As it probably is a PDF consisting in scanned images (thus not in textual form), it seems it will be impossible to use an automatic translator and the prospect of manually typing pages of convoluted German text to have it approximately translated seems impractical.

Well, perhaps at some time in the future I'll get the English manual from eBay or such. Another try would be to offer some valuable HP or SHARP as a trade-in for this manual, but I'm less inclined to follow that way. Meanwhile, my beautiful SHARP PC-1425 will remain safely stored, waiting for better times ...

Best regards from V.

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