HP48GX crash problems


I read this forum when time permits for me. Since I have a problem that I have not seen discussed, I thought it would be a good discussion topic. My HP48GX (manufactured in 2002 with a version R ROM) crashes on occasion during calculations. It acts abnormally slow during some multiplication and trig functions. (BTW, I am gauging the actions against my 48G+.) When the calculator crashes, the following can occur: 1) pixels are randomly generated on the display (this prompts me to remove the batteries and let the calculator reset) or; 2) the display is cleared and the memory is dumped.

I would rather keep this machine running than turning it into a paperweight. Any ideas? I'm fresh out. Thanks for any suggestions.



After a reset, do you use PINIT to re-initialize you memory cards (if you have any). Memory cards (and garbage collection) are what make the GX much slower than a lower end plain 48G. The G+ only has 128K of RAM to worry about and falls somewhere in between (I don't have a G+ version to compare).

Do you load up your GX with certain types of programs (Utilities or memory managers?). Some of these work well, when they work, but when they don't, well you see exactly what you experience.


I do not use any memory cards for my GX. The math operations I have don't require them. The machine has crashed when the stack had a few numbers on it but I didn't have that problem with the 48G+. BTW, the GX I keep at the office while the G+ goes with me to class.


How replicable is this crashing? Can you cause it to crash doing the exact same caclulations? Or is it more intermittent? If you can force the crash, could you tell us what the computations are? I'm very curious about this and would like to test this on my own set of HP48G/G+/GX calculators.


It is an intermittent problem. I tried to force a crash by loading up the stack then running trig calculations (as it has in similar circumstances). It did not crash....this morning.


Is there anything running in the background, such as say Eqstack? If you are not running any downloaded software, and use only the built-in commands, then you should not be experiencing these crashes. The fact that your screen is garbled means something is trying to write to random areas in memory, including the memory containing the content of the display area. Can you be more specific about the conditions leading up to the crash?

E.g. commands you used, programs you ran, memory conditions (low ram available, etc), where you run the program (from var, port0, port1, or higher ports) etc...


Sorry for the delay in responding.

The only thing running in the background is the clock. I am using the built-in commands in the machine. No memory or equation cards are inserted into the ports. When the crashes occur, the machine is solving a addition or a mutliplication of a number. There were no low memory prompts. The only area that would have some memory usage would be the stack. I would have approximately 20 to 30 lines of numbers in the stack.

As of this moment, I have not been able to replicate the crash. As always, it will crash when I least need it to.



when i tried to turn off the calculator it can't turn off. also when i used the 48 gx as a field book or data collector it freezz or crash.

tell me what i can do for resolve this situations.



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