49g+ DROP Error (humor)


My 49g+ fell off my book, and onto the floor. I know this is coincidental, but therein lies the humor:

When I picked it up, the display read: DROP Error

The machine was on, and likely had an empty stack. It must have struck the <- key. Incidentally, it split the case open, and there are rattling sounds from within. This was a 2.25 foot drop onto linoleum flooring.

This reminds me of an HP ad for the first notebook (HP 100?) which showed it being dropped onto asphalt. Has anyone dropped a 48g? Damage?



I've dropped a 48G and 48GX (both were inside their nylon cases) from about where my biceps are (they were sitting atop some books I was carrying). No damage was done. The case to the HP48G had a paint scratch on the zipper. The calculators even bounced on the cement. The 48GX had some RAM cards; neither were nudged out of their slots.


Actually, I DID suffer minor display damage on my 48G that I use at work. It was still in its gray nylon (soft and man IS it soft!) case and impacted on its upper left corner with the asbestos tiled floor.

That is not such a hard flooring material and it was still in its case. Yet, now, I have a think blank line across my display on the third stack level.

It goes away only if I continuously apply pressure the top end of the calculator shell (squeeze the halves together a bit) and reappears as soon as I let go.

So now, a thick rubber band straddles the top right under the HP logo and I get my full display back.

Moral: the 48G's (G, G+, GX) ARE FRAGILE!! Beware!


The missing pixels can be restored. All that has happened is the contacts on the PCB have be jostled slightly off its original location.

You could try this repair guide.


Why, thank you!

I will most certainly look at it and consider it...

... but I will admit when it comes to opening HP calcs these days, I am faint of heart.

I used to open and try to restore my old 34C, which turned out to be a losing cause, but nowadays, I am quite afraid of accidentally breaking or destroying another part due to static, etc.

But I will consider it!


I'm glad you can find something to laugh about in all that! Ouch!


In a previous life I had a Sharp calculator, what passed for a muscle calculator in those days. It had a metal case and a hard plastic slip case so designed that falling out of the slip case was a natural. It got bounced off the pavement many times and had plenty of dings in the metal case but never skipped a beat in operation.

I once layed it down, forgot it, and when I returned it was gone. I then got a fairly powerful sharp scientific which lasted until one day I saw an HP28S. The rest is history.

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