HP-9825a Problem and Request for Info


I have an HP-9825a that I'd like to get 100%. Right now it's in very nice condition and everything works but, yes you guessed it, the cassette tape has a dissolved drive wheel.

1) Is there any good fix for this? Anyone know what the outside diameter of the wheel is? Maybe I could glue some sort of 'O' ring on the shaft. It appears to be about 1/2" but the goop is so bad that it's hard to tell what the diameter was originally.

2) What is the correct tape cartridge for the 9825a? The DC 2000 cartriges fit but I'm sure that is not the correct tape for this old machine.

3) Are the modules that plug into the back specific ONLY to the 9825a or does it also accept others from other models?




Question 2:
"What is the correct tape cartridge for the 9825a? The DC 2000 cartriges fit but I'm sure that is not the correct tape for this old machine."

I own a cartridge labeled "HP200 Series Certified Data Cartridge" and "Series 9800" This Cartridge look exactly the same a DC2000 looks like BUT it is only 12mm high (DC2000 14mm)and the Tape is 4mm (DC2000 6mm).
I am pretty sure that this is the correct cartridge because it comes with the 9825.

Best regards

Andreas Stockburger


They are DC-100 cartridges, which are available today at at least two internet stores (The PDP-11 used these too, I believe). There was already a thread here, but I can't find it now... I'll look around. Sorry, I've no info about the wheel.

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