HP 15C Survey Program


I got a land survey program when I bought my 15C, around twenty years ago. The program is still in the 15C. I just cannot find the directions any more!

Does anyone have a land survey program to share? OR - does anybody know how I can copy the program out of the 15C? If I could just see it, I think I could run it.

Fred F.


Hi, F Farmer;

you can actualy see the keycodes and take note of them for later decoding and bringing back the keystroke sequences that generated your program.

Some precautions: while in PROGRam mode, NEVER press [f]CLEAR[PRGM], because this is just going to clear all programs from meomory; also, NEVER press any other keys but [g][P/R] (to get in and out of program mode), [SST] (to go forward a Single STep) and [g][BST] (to go to the previous step; Back STep).

After turning your HP15C ON, locate the [R/S] key right over the [ON] key, and you'll see the [P/R] inscription on it (slanted front face). Press [g][RTN] (beside the [R/S] key) to bring program counter to step 000 in a safer way, then press [g][P/R], so the display shows:

[ 000-         ]
and the little PRGM indicator becomes active (your HP15C is in PROGRam mode; rememeber the only keys you shoud press, now...)

Press [SST] one time and it should show:

[ 001-xx xx xx]
The xx xx xx indicates some number code related to the keys that were pressed in the beginning of the program. Chances are you have something like:
[ 001-42,21,11]
meaning the first program step is:
[f]   (4th. line, 2nd. row in the keyboard)
[LBL] (2nd. line, 1st. row in the keyboard)
[A] (1st. line, 1st. row in the kwyboard)
If you take note of all keycodes you see after pressing [SST], you can rebuild the program. If it is a survey program, I'd expect something less-than or close to 100 steps, maybe some more, depending on which features it shows and how does it handle data.

If you need more advice or extra help translating the program, let us know.

And aways beware of using any other keys but the ones mentioned while in PRGM mode.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 28 Nov 2005, 8:45 a.m.


Apart from the numbers, there can be a 'small U' showing, for User STO / RCL, this must also be taken care of.

Just off the top of my head so please correct if needed.


You are perfectly correct, GE. I missed that, and because of the Survey subject, matrices and surely complex numbers are desirable.



Was the program you're talking about> Harvey's Field Angle Traverse - Radiation (sic) Layout? The store i got my 11c from gave me a copy of that and it would of course have worked in the 15c. One part is 25 steps and the other is 109. It pretty basic but let's one work in azimuth OR field angles. If that's it i can send you the instructions.

As an aside; this program had a version for the TI57.

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