HP-41 Ultimate Alarm Clock v.0.6


Finally, after a massive storm of users marching in the streets for a few months and shouting "We want a new release!", we have gathered the forces of Good and accommodated our beloved users.

New release: Change log:

Added support for the WKA (WeeK Alarms) module to get daily alarms throughout the week (separate program).

Added autosnooze/double-alarms.

Switched Lbl A/a and B/b for less keypress errors in the dark.

Improved sound-feedbacks for some functions.

Added way of hearing time since alarm went off.

Several minor improvements.

Documentation and program listings are available here:

Home page: http://www.isene.com/artweb.cgi?article=009-hp41alm.txt

Project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/hp41uac/


Is there a link to download the .raw version of the 41C code?



Would you supply the .raw-files so I can put them up on the site?


Give me a few days. I will try to convert the source file into a .raw file.






The ".txt" files are the text I created the .RAW files from. I created those from the original sources by making the following edits:

  • Strip line numbers and leading spaces.
  • Strip asterisks from the beginning of LBLs
  • Add space between "LBL" and "'blah" (Also in "GTO'blah")
  • Close quotes as appropriate around alpha labels and strings
  • Add space between "X<>" and "01" in "X<>01"

These changes made the source suitable for feeding to
Leo Duran's 41C User Code Utility, which did the translation to .raw format.

I haven't tried to ensure that no errors crept in during the translation, so it wold be good to check that yourself before you rely on these files.


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