PRM-85 boards for HP-85/87 now shipping



Thanks to Bill Kotaska the first PRM-85 board (a clone of the Series 80 Programable ROM module) has been sold to an HP-85 user in the UK, and those people who replied first (from the USA and France) will be pleased to know their boards are nearly ready to be shipped. E-mails will go out in a week or so to confirm.

Bill actually plans to have two boards more than the number already reserved, so I am delighted to ask if anyone is interested in buying one for $100 (US) or €100 (Europe) or £60 (UK) please drop me an e-mail to be added to the waiting list. Please note the board comes with a SuperROM with 8 ROM images for the HP-85 as standard, I am also putting together a similar ROM for the HP-87 but this will have slightly fewer ROM images.

Here is my web page describing the PRM-85:

Thanks for your interest,


Is this unit capable of program the EPROMS or I'll need an EPROM burner?

Best regards,

Nelson Sicuro



No the PRM-85 does not have the capability to burn EPROMs, neither does the original HP Programmable ROM Module on which the PRM-85 is based.

There are plenty of people on this forum who would be able to help you for the cost of postage, if you have blank EPROMs and have appropriate data files.


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