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Hi all.

I was wondering; in the museum classifieds there is a section of Buy/Sell/Trade. Well, I know how to Buy/Sell, but I really don't know of anyway to Trade calculators. Has anyone ever done this?

The reason I ask is I am interested in trading one type of (common) older HP for another. There are some variables to consider however; my description vs. theirs, and should disappointment/dishonesty creep in, how does one seek redress? It seems like trading is not an option. An escrow seems like a great idea, but an escrow for calculators?

Looking for thoughts/ideas on this. Maybe its just a pipe dream...


I have traded one HP-42S for another of equal quality. The purpose was to provide the other person with a specific ROM version. I really didn't care which ROM version I had as long as the calculator was of equal (mint+) quality and one of the older versions.


I'm a big fan of trading. In fact, I have a new in box 48G+ and some extra cases (for most models) and an extra HP25 I'd like to trade. I'm looking for an excellent-mint 16C for my collection. I think I have everything else I wish to collect at this point.


Trading calculators is great. I've done it a bunch, both for hp and non hp units, to Canada, Germany and the US. All but one (someone who posted here about 5 years ago) was a positive experience for both parties. In fact; with two of them we just send each other stuff. We have different interests and it seems to even out. It's just difficult to find someone that wants what i have and has what i want. The escrow idea would be great, if someone had way too much time and could do that for all of us. Another idea would be to keep two lists somewhere: a bad guy list and a good guy list. The problem there is; who has time to keep that current?



What, if you don't mind, do you wish to locate, and would you consider posting models that you may be interested in releasing?



This isn't the right forum to post a trading list on. I've got about a dozen spare HPs. Theres only 3 i want - bet you don't have one. I also want several non hp RPNs. Bet you don't have them either. Email me if you want, so we don't clutter up this space. - d



Quote: we don't clutter up this space.

That is fine.

If this forum can tolerate discussions about the newer HP 49g+, recurring rants regarding the infamous "c" fellow, and flame wars over RPN vs RPL, I am a bit surprised at being checked for something relating to OLDER HP's.

You could have used your own advice and emailed me that comment. It would have preventedfurther cluttering of this space.



I tried to email you by clicking the blue ECL at the top of your post but this came up:

"ECL didn't provide an email address.
ECL is not a registered user."

I'm registered and have an email address in the fourm's automated system so i said "Email me if you want".

There have been complaints about both excessive new hp bashing and coburlin rants along with other off topic threads. Most complaints are about postings that should go in the classified ad section, like for-trade lists. It is common to finish off topic or narrow interest conversations by email.
- d


I've traded hp calcs several times. There were emails with big high resolution pictures and descriptions but I'd returned the calc I received if the other part were disappointed with the calc I sent

Raul L

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I appreciate all who have responded, and your input. Thanks!
However my next question has to do with the mechanics of the trade. Did you send your calculator away first? Did you use registered mail? What steps did you take to protect yourself? Has anyone ever been disappointed or ripped off? Do you only deal with known entities?

If I were to trade said very common HP, I would not hesitate to trade with any one whose name normally appears on this board - and, because I lurk, I am familiar with most of the people and would not hesitate to trade with them. (except for "corrosion", or whatever his name is)

But I am still very interested in this side of the equation as it seems a very unique aspect of the collecting culture. Normally, one can trade at flea markets, etc. Doing this via the 'net changes things a little bit.



If it is a trade then i almost always use insurance or registration. I just sent two boxes of treasures to Germany and Canada uninsured. These are the two people who i have traded so much with that we have kind of lost track of where the ballance point is. I hope that we all came out ahead.

No one is a known entity the first time. Your idea of trading with folks who regularly post here is a good one but there is no real "protection" this side of the grave. One guy that i traded with in British Columbia took way over a month to get a calc i sent him insured and signature required. The Canadian Post had delivered it to the wrong address and a woman expecting a package signed for it. It took a month for her to find him. Lucky she is honest. If that had been ebay he would have had to put in negative feedback by 30 days and then we'd have had to pay them $20 bucks to retract it.


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