Technical manual for 82240B


Is there any technical manual for the 82240B printer ?
I mean, about commands, IR signal format, etc.


Maybe the HP82240B Technical Interfacing Guide PDF is what you're looking for? Other than that, a scan of the owner's manual is on the MoHPC CD set/DVD.



Are there schematics/internal pics/pcb layouts available?

It seems I had seen some at one time, but can't find them now.



Also, there was a detailed article in the HP Journal which is on the Museum disks. It may be available online here too.



There should be reverse-engineered schematics for both the 82240A and 82240B on the HPCC CD-ROM. They're pretty simple inside, an 8048 microcontroller, the IR receiver chip, and a driver chip for the printhead/motor.

From what I remember, if you want to take one apart, there are 2 case screws (4 under the feet, 2 in the battery compartment).

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