New "v.80" 49g+ ROM





An odd shift in numbering, isn't it? Version 2.0 to version 0.80 strikes me as strange. Also this version is said to add the equation library, but that came in with 2.0, I believe.


Version 2.00 had build "50". This new ROM is Version 2.01-2 with build "80".

FYI, you can type "VERSION" to see the "2.01-2" version, then press <ON> & <D> to see the build number "80". Press <ON> & <C> to exit the self-test screen.



Ah, thanks for that explanation. The only thing visible on the download site was the build number.


What new features or functional improvements came in with this new version?

I took a quick peek at EQLIB and COLIB; it looks kind of the same... no built in periodic table yet. (It's hard to beat Arnold Moy's periodic table available on Eric Reichlin's HP48 site.)

Do any of you think it might be redundant to have an Equation List like on the 33S or 32SII?

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