HP-34C repair


I am finally a proud owner of a 34c. Of course the batteries are dead, and when I put in normal alkalines out of curiosity I unscrewed the two little screws in the battery compartment. Unfortunately I couldn't screw them back in, the little plastic thingies with the thread crumbled away. First I thought it was the corrosion of the screws that busted the plastic, but then I noticed that the batteries put some pressure on the right part of the rear cover (when looked from the back).

My solution was to glue the little parts all together with a fair amount of superglue and then drill a new hole for the screws through the glue.

Hope that helps anybody, and never try to open a calculator if you don't have too!




I know how you feel! I have two 34C's, have had them both apart and ran into the screw thread problem as well. I did manage to get one functional by swapping some components from the other. However, the case backing on the functional one is currently scotch taped on until I can devise a more permanent fix. Since the calculator is still somewhat erratic as to when it works or not, I am hesitant about attaching the back more permanently in place yet. Please let us know what you come up with.

Art Litka


Well, as I said: I can now close the back part again and tighten the screws, but I am not sure how much pressure the superglue wil withstand. It's working at the moment, it wasn't exactly a clean job but you won't notice from the outside, and I am hesitant to touch the screws again unless the calculator is broken.

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