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Hi Everybody...
I have a 41c that i got about a month ago that seemed to have weak, faint upper display elements. That is until I rotated the calc away from me and viewed at a shallower angle (so my line of sight was perpindicular to the slanted face of the keys), and presto...dark, will saturated segments averywhere. Anybody else notice this on a 41c? (More so than on a 41cx halfnut, which doesn't seem to require as shallow an angle for good viewing).


Well, I have a contradictory example:

One of my co-workers owns a halfnut 41CX whose display is somewhat faint, and seems to run slow, as well.

All in all, though, the fullnet displays are much better than the halfnut displays. The earliest (US-made) 41C/CV's displayed shorter, but bolder and more "solid" characters with less space between the segments. Later fullnuts showed characters that were taller, but less bold. (This may have coincided with the shift of production to Singapore.)

Halfnut displays are bad, IMO. Large gaps between the segments gives a "broken-up" look to the characters.

-- KS


HEPAX and SANDBOX modules have function that will alow you to set the contrast on halfnut models. Once set it doesnt change even after the master clear. That will help only if it isn't an LCD problem. From what you said it might be, if only the upper segments are faint.


Thanks guys for your input.

It looks like said 41c may really have a display problem after all.
If I key in 2's across the display, the upper segments are totally gone when using a normal veiwing angle. I can see the upper segments, however, at a really shallow angle (almost edge on). I'll try leaving the batteries out overnight and see if that helps.



Sounds like a problem with an LCD connection.

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