New HP-33S exam books


PPI has released two new exam books for the HP-33S:

Essential Equations for the FE Exam Using the HP 33S, by John A. Camara, $29.95

Essential Equations for the Civil PE Exam Using the HP 33S, by David V. Morse, Wane Schneiter, Norman Voigt, and Bruce A. Wolle, $39.95


In my experience, most of the equations that you need for the FE and PE exams are not particularly complicated. The hard part is recognizing which equation to use and entering the right values, rather than the actual number-crunching. As a Civil PE candidate, I have loaded only a handful of pre-programmed equations into my 33S (the time-value of money is probably the most important).

So I don't plan to get the book. But it's interesting to see new HP calculator books of any kind. Details at

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