MLDL2059: a few new pics


Hi all, mainly MLDL2000 'lurkers'...

My unit is just one step far from being concluded and locked inside the custom(ized) card reader holder. The new pictures (from mldl2059_assembly_23.jpg to mldl2059_assembly_32.jpg) show how I added the battery 'backup' and the external DC connector. Please, do not laugh at the ancient technology I used to build the PCB's. The MLDL2059 will demand further studies in the future, because of its unique forward and backward technology inside: HP evolving to Meindert, then getting centuries back with my own...

The 'battery backup', as suggested by Menindert, is actually a .047F/5.5V (half the capacity Meindert suggests, in fact). This one was found in an old Panasonic VCR carcass, and seems to be made to fit in the MLDL holder, as you will see. The tinny 100ohms resistor and the diode were taken from a burned switched power supply (PC). The diode is even smaller than the SMD ones...

Hope you enjoy the pictures. As soon I have the definitive connector between the HP41 interface and the CPLD board, I'll add the final pictures. In fact I know what to do, just miss the continuous hours I'll need to do it.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 17 Nov 2005, 9:59 p.m.

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