NIB HP 15C on eBay???!!!


It will be a real never usedNIB 15C???!!!!!


It looks like PayPal only! Too bad. I think the seller could get more if they open it up to non-PayPal users.


Definately an expensive collection....


What I can't understand how the bidders can really knows (and pay so much money) it's never used/nib just looking to that only pic?


They'll just have to take it on faith. But it wise to remember the very definition of faith is belief without evidence. Buyer Beware!


What you have is a seller making a claim about his product. If you read the copy in that auction it says something like "This thing is new. If you don't agree, I'll give you your money back." There are several things to consider about this claim.

  1. Do you trust eBay sellers as a matter of course?
  2. Or, do you trust the seller sufficiently after having looked closely at his/her feedback?
  3. Do you trust eBay to enforce its rules if you are defrauded?
  4. Or, (US only) Do you trust in your credit card company to reverse the charge if you go through the necessary notification steps to comply with federal law?
  5. Or, do you trust PayPal's "buyer protection" insurance, if you choose to pay that way, and to pay the insurance fee on top of the auction price?

All of these boil down to one question: do you trust the eBay marketplace? eBay is valued by the U.S. stock market at billions of dollars precisely because a large number of buyers do trust them to provide a fair marketplace.

Personally, I try to judge the veracity of a seller's claims by looking at the photos, and reading the claims. I also look at a seller's feedback. Not just at the percentage number, but at two or three recent transactions, and at least one negative feedback, unless these are unavailable. (Most real people who sell on eBay will have at least one or two such feedback entries.) If I were in the market for a pristine 15C, I would view a photograph like the single one included in the referenced auction as inadequate, and I would ask for more. I would decline to bid if I didn't get them, too.

But after all is said and done, I trust the eBay marketplace, in combination with consumer protection laws in the U.S. If I pay with a credit card, I can get a refund for any item for which I have a record of unsatisfactory correspondence with the seller, and proof that I returned the item to the seller. I have never needed to resort to this for an eBay transaction! I've been doing a lot of buying on eBay, too. But, I do read the auctions carefully, and I do scrutinize the sellers. And I will frequently pass up a chance to bid if I don't like what I see. For the last several years, that approach has worked well for me.



Mother Hp has listened to our prayers!!!

She brought back NIB Hp-15C and slowly auctions them one at a time on Ebay making big profit :-)

And next month, a NIB red dot Hp-35 will show up to our delight :-))))


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No! It's a new RPN/RPL fusion machine that reads the user's mind and presents exacly the right mix of the two, depending on the result.


What? No serial I/O??!!??!!??


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I think the REAL reason (which has been kept a tight secret) for the riots in France is tha cry for HP to bring back the HP15C. It seems to be a big favorite among immigrants there.

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For my collection: A never used calculator needs a mint box and on the picture it doesn´t seems that this is fact here. We all have nice HP-15C too, do we?
So: Either the machine and the box is new or the value is much less for me.


In the add it says they it was made in 1988, I've found that a lot of HP 15c & 11c calcultators made through mid 1987 to mid 1988 had painted over HP 12c keys, if it is actually unused I would suspect it will have the painted over HP 12c keys, which would kind of make it inferior. If you are series on bidding you might want to ask that question.

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