HP-65 back label replacement


Recently I've repaird two HP-65 and for one of them I'd like to replace the back label by a new one. The former owner just pushed a hole into the lable to unsrew the back cover.
I remember seeing on eBay someone selling replacement lables some time ago. If someone knows, where to get and maybe can give me some advice if the lables are worth to pay for in case of material and visual appearance. Cheers Thomas


I purchased a replacement label for my 35 from eBay. The label is printed on thick foil with adhesive on one end, and it fit the 35 perfectly.

However, I do notice that the printing on the back does come off easily compared to the original label. I held it once again another HP back to back. And the label was scratched in multiple places in the process. I have not seen similar problem with my other HP Classic series with the original label.

So if you decide to get it, you should be extremely careful with what you rest the calculator on.


Thank's for your coments. I was expecting something like that. Maybe this can be improved by some kind of transparent hard coating afterwards.
Do you still have the seller contact information available?


Yes, his Ebay Id is obh8899



Yes, I think the best thing to do is to apply the new label, then put a piece of wide transparent tape over it to protect it. Or those PDA screen protector may work as well (which is less shiny).

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