HP 71B factory reset


Is there a way to factory reset the 71B ?



Just press and hold [/] while pressing [ON]

You'll see "INIT: 1" on the display

Press [3] to change it into "INIT: 3" (full reset)

and then [END LINE] to execute.

You'll get "Memory Lost"




Following this sequence I cannot get the intended message 'memory lost'. The calculator locks when I press end-line, after changing INIT:1 to INIT:3.

Thereafter I cannot return back to the starting point! The only thing I can do is entering the same INIT loop again! What happens here ?


After non-BASIC programming mistakes, there was a time or two I had to remove the batteries, short the terminals together, and hold the ON button down for awhile to get it back on its feet again. I also had to do this after making the mistake of doing something like DIM D$[128](30) (with the maximum string length and the array size in the wrong order) in a text file and then TRANSFORMing to BASIC. There's a serious bug there that causes a crash that even INIT:3 won't always bring it back from.

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