Special Functions 2 Finished


Special Functions 2 expands on the Special Functions library, and contains new functions which include:

* Set Theory (Union, Intersect, Relative Compliment)
* Complex Analysis (Derivative [Cauchy-Reimann Equation Test], Gradient)
* Stopwatch (that flicks on and off Flag +83)
* Expanding the library on special functions (Si, Ci, Li, Ei, GD, Zeta, now with Roman Factorial, Pochhammer Function)
* Number Theory (Perfect Integer test, Arithmetic-Geometric Mean, Bernoulli Numbers [5 decimal place approx], and Fibonacci Numbers)
* Two week calendar: just give the date and the calculator displays this week and next week
* Finance (including net present value, internal rate of return, depreciation, net future value, PITI)

* Includes six One-Minute Marvels [Joseph Horn, Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz and Richard Nelson] ported from the 48 series.

* FHELP - lists the syntax of each command.
* FMENU - a choose menu that allows the user to choose the command easily

I will be posting on www.hpcalc.org today, but I will be happy to send the file for anyone interested.

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