So hot!!!! Check out this case!


Awesome HP32 / HP42 case


Awesome HP32 / HP42 case

Some new photos were added to this listing. Does anyone know when this type of case was produced? I don't ever recall seeing them in the EduCalc catalogues.


This is the second case like this I'm seen for sale. The same seller offered one last year on e-bay. I tried to bid on it, but the price went way too high before I even had a chance to bid.

At the time I asked the same question here, but no one seemed to know. The best guess was that it was some sort of presentation case that HP may have used.

With the way it's hinged, I really don't think it would make a good case for daily use. The Astech hard case is much better for that.

But it is a pretty neat case.


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