Ultimate Flame Topic


A tongue-in-cheek bumper sticker cries, "Nuke the unborn gay whales!"

For this site, a guaranteed flame topic might be:

"Cobubba should lower the prices on his 15C's so we won't have to use RPL!"

(Anyone care to top that one?)

Enjoy . . .


Hah! Reminds me of the country song about rain, prison, a pickup truck, momma and a train.

Let's see, how about "Coburlin is forcing unsuspecting college freshmen to code in RPL." That's just a refinement on yours. How about "The only way you'll ever get a new calculator like a 15C is with emulation, because anything involving hardware is impractical. Nobody on Earth, including HP will ever build one."


We all heard that "If you want to get something done, do it yourself!"

Well, for the folks who want to bring back the HP-15C, I say, If you want the 15C so bad then:

1. Quit your regular jobs
2. Mortgage your houses and get whatever loans you can
3. Start a company that makes calculators
4. Make that HP-15C you always talk about

After step 4 you will realize why HP is soooo wize by not bringing the HP-15C.

You can take my word for it or you can find out for yourselves! It's really your call.

It's what you really do about that matters and NOT what you write on the web. Talk was, is, and will remain cheap!


Oops. Got one! 8)

The joke was the combination of the "emulators are hardware - no they're software" flame fest with the "15C is impractical - no it isn't" flame fest. The challenge is to find the most provocative such combination you can. Based on your reaction, I'd say I have an early lead. 8)


Reeeddd LE.... nahh, I won't say it.


Red LED is not a winner here. Everyone wants to have them back, no doubt.


Paul Brogger wrote:

> For this site, a guaranteed flame topic might be:
> ...
> (Anyone care to top that one?)

Sure, no problem

RPL sucks big time



That's been stated here before:

Good reading, I think!

-- KS


Karl Schneider wrote:
> That's been stated here before:
> Good reading, I think!

You have missed the sarcasm in my remark!



... I'm not uncomprehending of the thread(s) or of the English languages.

Your "tagline" just offered a fine lead-in to what I thought was one of the most insightful posts of the RPN/RPL "wars".

-- KS


It was not!!!

8) 8) 8)


Hi, all:

** Warning **** Warning **** Warning **** Warning **** Warning **** Warning **** Warning **

Absolutely *all* that follows is in good jest,
and no offence or disrespect is meant to anyone, far from it, nor do I think or subscribe the absolute nonsense that follows. It's just my best attempt at Paul's challenge, and I think you'll agree it is a pretty good one at that.

** Warning **** Warning **** Warning **** Warning **** Warning **** Warning **** Warning **

Paul Bragger posted:

"Ultimate Flame Topic" [...] (Anyone care to top that one?)

This is my best attempt at an "Ultimate Flame topic", but first make sure you've read and understood the Warning above:

Do you think that Dave Hicks is making a good money with the lousy CDs/DVDs he sells, choke-full with materials for which he doesn't own the copyright, while prohibiting access to "The Other Side" and blaming its creator for allegedly doing what he's exactly doing, in order to eliminate unwanted competence ?

I think that, in this particular forum, this will be difficult indeed to top. If enraged and outraged and ready to flame me, please read and understand the Warning above once more.

Best regards from V.


Oooohhh. A touchy one!

Thanks to the careful warning, the only thing I'd flame about in the previous is the misspelling of my name. ("Bragger"?)

In fact, I encounter that one often. MS Word's spell check suggests "braggart" when encountering my name. Now, I'm not above tooting my own horn from time to time, but I think braggart is a bit much.



That would be your ultimate personal flame topic then? 8)

I occasionally still get something similar with Howard/Harold.




Well, it's certainly shorter.

But you left out a graphic for the equals sign, which shows that you really favor the converse relation. A crypto-ENTERist, eh?

As Long as we are getting graphical, how about this one?


HP Invent > Hewlett Packard


How about, "Only weirdos have more than one calculator."


You forgot to add "and are proud of them"!


*ahem* (Takes deep breath)

"Cobubba should nuke the last 15C ever to be made, and all red LED models, including software emulated ones, so RPL and the equals key will make TI even better than HP which is worse than HP Invent anyway, because Dave Hicks censors all the proud multiple calculator weirdos!"

Edited: 17 Nov 2005, 12:29 p.m.


Best regards from V.

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