Announcement: The HP49g+ / HP48gII Advanced Users Reference Manual now available!


New Advanced Users Reference Manual!

This has been in process for nearly 18 months. Quite a team of people participated in the development of this manual. We hope the user community finds this useful.

Corrections (in particular), suggestions and comments are welcome. has a bugzilla system with an entry for the AUR. That will probably be the best place to enter mistakes and corrections.



Great I am starting now.
And I already notice that is assumes RPL mode but I haven't seen where this is explicitely said.
I was hoping it would help me learn how to program in ALG mode.


Edited: 11 Nov 2005, 1:14 p.m.


Well, chapter 1 is RPL programming. :-)

For the command reference, the input diagrams show "Level 1 / Argument 1" for any inputs to the commands. The algebraic mode takes arguments in the order shown in these diagrams. So, what's listed will work in both modes.

Programming? anyone program the 49g+ in ALG mode?


Wonderful! Thanks for the effort!

Any word as to when the print version will be available?



Thank you Gene for the wonderful news! It's news like this that makes the website shine!!



Well done! This was an important effort to make the HP-49G+ a valuable tool. Many thanks to all contributors! I like the layout, examples and illustrations.
What's next? Will there ever be any additions to the CAS? In my opinion there's still room for bug fixes and improvements. Watch out, on the TI side the development goes on. If HP want to have the best graphing calc they need to invest in development.
Of course the manuals will have to kept up to date.
I always was a HP fan and I use a HP-49G+ from time to time. I'm actually still waiting for the keyboard to be fixed in order to use it everyday.
I'm still hoping...

Regards from Switzerland


1) A chapter on the development library. (Chapter 6)

2) A comprehensive (I hope) list of all keyboard shortcuts. This has always been a common complaint that we wanted to rectify.

3) A complete! listing of all error messages.

4) The equation library reference includes a 1-page table of contents that is more a QRG to the equation libary more than anything else.

While doing this, we did find and correct mistakes going back all the way to the HP28S reference manual. It was amazing! Unfortunately, I'm sure there are still lots remaining. :-(

But we have really tried. :-)

Things that I KNOW are really needed:

1) Internal links in the PDF (this was a time constraint...there are thousands of links needed and we really wanted to go ahead and get this released!)



I guess it's time for me to buy a 49G+.


Gosh, Gene, that sounds like real, capitalist validation! 8)

I've already got a 49G+, but this will certainly encourage me to study it more. Thanks!

Edited: 11 Nov 2005, 6:15 p.m.



This may be inappropriate, but I noticed a heading in the AUR on writing code on the PC and then transferring them to the 49g+, is it fairly simple? I ask because my 49g+ is on loan until next week, and I cannot try til then.



Very easy. If the code is at all complicated and the PC is
available, this is my preferred way of doing things.

Advantages of writing the source code on the PC include:

  • More of the code can be seen at one time in my text editor.
  • I can use all of my text editor's capabilities.
  • I have a qwerty keyboard on the PC; no need to deal with the
    calculator's alphabetical layout or remember the proper keystrokes
    for a command or go to the right menu; just type it in.
  • I have the original source code, including my formatting and
    comments, stored on the PC.
  • If I care to post my source code in this forum or in the
    newsgroup, it's already available in a text file. It's just a
    matter of opening the file, and then copying and pasting.

Edited: 12 Nov 2005, 2:19 a.m.


I think all it takes is your HP connectivity software. You transfer the program to the calculator as a text object, and it gets "compiled" when it's EVALuated.

The other way works too, even if the code contains binary objects on the calculator. They get converted to textual forms that are equivilant to the binary form when EVALuated.


Will this be made available, printed & bound, via HP (or whatever)?




I ditto support for a bound version. Also thanks for the effort in producing the doc!




Are we talking about the 861-page user manual for the 49G+? I just heard from HP support today on this very question among two others. The response was that a policy decision was made at HP to conserve paper by using the Adobe Reader and the PDF file. FWIW, I use my old 48G series manual for most (probably 90%) of my reference needs.

I haven't downloaded the "Advanced User Manual" for the 49 yet. Is it a more reasonable size?

The other question I posed to HP was about RECURSIVE CALLS in 48-49 programs and functions. I have performed some recursive calls and have often wondered if I might be creating some unstable situations since the stack is being asked to perform at least one additional tracking task, e.g., same-named local variables and stacked recursive calls. Just a little surprised that HP does not address the subject at all.




Given that this has an official HP part number, I hope so.

That's different from the HP 12c platinum solutions book (also available online in PDF form) which does not have an HP part number.

When I know for certain when and how to get one, I'll post here (unless someone finds out first!)


Let me, too, weigh in in favor a a bound, printed version!

While I love freely downloadable literature, especially quality items like a 49G+ AUR, there's nothing that beats having the book! It's hard to brush up on RPL in bed if you only own a desktop PC.



I would like to express much appreciation for you and the other distnguished writers who contributed to the AUR. As a technical writer myself, I know that putting such a document together is no easy task. It's an elaborate task to organize the document, write and double check the facts, and do the editing.

On behalf of the members of thsweb site, I want to send you and the rest of teh team a warm thak you!



This was a huge team effort. Please don't mistake this for some sort of solitary work. The team as listed on the inside front page of this book helped out in various ways.

Some of this team are frequent posters here and if they wish to comment on this, great!

Team - (as my former employer used to say) means "Together Everyone Accomplishes More".


Great! Thank you HP people in advance!


Where do we get them? I spoke with tech support only this Monday and they didn't know about them. Is yours a third party source of pubs?

Thamks - anxious to buy



You get it by going to the link in the original post in this thread and downloading the PDF.

There is not a printed copy available at this time. That's why tech support doesn't know anything about it.

PDF only right now. Hoping for printed later, but not yet.


Thanks for the clarification. I already have one huge .pdf edition of the guide about half copied into a massive volume of 2-sided note paper. From the size of the file it must be about 250 pages. A lot better than the 861 pages of the guide. Can't fault HP policy saving trees, but it kind of spoils the effect of having a powerful field instrument that fits in one's pocket and reference material that is accessed through a full size screen on a pc or a two volume set of 3" notebooks.

Thanks for the work effort, and I will stay tuned for the news,


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