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My beloved HP-41 CX died today!
It started loosing time and date one month ago. Then making errors with the card reader (stopping in the middle of a card, it was necessary to remove the battery pack to start it again...memory lost and so on...). Then it occasionnaly resetted the time and date and nothing else. Today it just stopped in the middle of a calculation : ln 2 = 0.69 and then no keyboard response...I removed the battery pack, put it back, got some really strange signs on the LCD and it eventually did a memory lost. I started it again but it soon fails...
Any suggestion is welcome!


That sounds like the battery connection block. There probably is poor contact somewhere. Is the battery contact terminals ok on the block? If so, the place where the block makes contact inside the calculator may be faulty.
What I usually do is remove the back cover with block and clean the lower contacts. Sometimes kind of pinching the contacts into a slight point helps. The spongy material underneath loses its springyness overtime.


I suggest you, in addition to Erik's recommendation, to open the calc, take the sponge contats, and try to enlarge them slightly in inserting a needle between the sponge and the contacts (of course to remove it afterwards). Take this opprtunity to clean all contacts.

Good luck !


...with something non-abrasive, like a pink eraser. I've
seen too many people use something like sandpaper and take
off the plating for contacts...


Thank you all!
I'll try to clean the internal contacts and I'll give you some news!

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