How can you blame Coburlin...


...when you find such auctions! :-(

battery holder

Oh My Gosh!

Maybe he is right: are we a bunch of fools?




Obligatory "I've got five of those if he wants them" comment.


Since he just purchased a 41 *without* battery holder, how can you blame him? <g>


Since he just purchased a 41 *without* battery holder, how can you blame him? <g>

I don't blame him: everybody bids upto what he/she wants.

But if I think that a couple of years back I bought two CX for a similar amount... And yes, they came with the battery holder :-)

However, a few days ago, I acquired another 10A without battery door: anyone with a spare? :-D



I've got one for $91 ;^)


Frank Boehm (Germany) wrote:
> Since he just purchased a 41 *without* battery holder, how can you blame him

He must have purchased that 41 without the battery holder from Coburlin for $359.00 :-)



In like new condition, only missing the battery holder and two buttons.


A perfect example of the compulsiveness of gambling. I wonder how much this person would pay for that little AC charger cover on the HP-41.


I haven't looked at ebay closely in months....

take a look at the bid history. It looks like ebay now disclosed your *maximum* bid! So that auction is down in the $50 range (which is still too high).

When did these policies change? Why?


No, the final bid of $91.00 topped a previous bid of $90.00. If you are outbid, then your maximum bid shows in the bid history. It always has, and it makes perfect sense.


See Ebay item

and Ebay item

(same buyer and seller)

but hurry: soon the item will "transform" into a $15.99 "Brand New USB Black Scroll Mouse Dell" :-)


So in the first he's selling it for $99.00 and in the second he bought it for $1.00. How does that relate to "disclosing your maximum bid?"

Or did you just click on the last post in the thread? 8)


Oops! He did it again...

Mr. rgharris seems in serious need of battery holders!

a week later

I am thinking about dismantling some of my 41s :-)


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