Happy Holidays



username: pdf
passwd: iamhuman


Unfortunately unsociable robot crawlers that ignore robots.txt etc., have made it imperative that I protect large files in the series80 site with a password. My intention is not to block humans, which is why I am publishing the passwd here. As a reminder, the user-passwd combination will be shown on the log-on window.

:set noai


The program used to generate the display is shown below:

The layout shown here:

shows the light strips (12 of them) connected to two HP 59306A
Relay Actuators. Both 59306As are controlled by one of the
9915 computers (the one on the top right, with the LEDs on).

This is a 9915B (brought back to life with the help of Tony Duell)
which is running a program from the tape inserted in its drive. By naming the program Autost, the 9915B runs it automatically everytime it is powered up.

I thought of adding some seasonal sound track, but on second thought, I prefer the sounds of the relays.


Edited: 9 Nov 2005, 1:53 p.m.

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