Hello everyone!

Is anybody around having The HP41 Coconut VASM listing and the David Assembler manual as pdf-file (or comparable)? I know the files are on TOS but unfortunately scanned page by page; a pdf really would be much more convenient ;-)

Best Wishes, Juergen


I have them both in .PDF format but they are rather large files (since images are turned into PDF). If you have a place for them on ftp or some kind upload server I can put them there. They are too big to put through email.


Hi Miki!

No, I don't have access to ftp or an upload-server :-(
Thanks a lot for your reply anyway :-)

Best Wishes from Germany,


You can buy the DVD from TOS for 30 USD and have all its stuff in pdf etc. I think it is well worth it, but then again, I love to read manuals of stuff I don't even have...




thanks for the hint ...

but then again, I love to read manuals of stuff I don't even have...

Well, me too! But those genuine gems are hard to find nowadays :-(

Regards, Juergen

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