what to do ? 41cx / top or hop


hi there !!

last year i bought a 41cx with card reader, looking very nice, with box and all documents, of course used, from a colleague.
i inserted new batteries, but said to say, the 41 dos not work. it´s display shows some signs, sometime "memory lost" and the batteries went hot. i want to give the calculator back to my colleague, but instead of that i got my money back and the calculator for nothing.
that´s the story, and now my question:
what should i do with the calculator ?
aa sell it "as is" at ebay
bb get it repaired---where ?
\--estimated cost ?
\-does it make sense ?

i also have the cardreader, but can´t check if it works.
still last year the calculator is laying on my desk and i do not know what to do. a lot of memorys with the 41 going through my head, 25 years ago puzzling hours for hours programming, calculating and fun while playing 17+4. but, be honest, i wouldn´t really use it nowadays.
so what is your opinion ?



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Hello Peter,

if you want to keep the calc, I can repair it for free, since I don't know any repair service here in Germany. You can contact me: khi1981@web.de

Best regards, Klaus



I tried to fix the gummy wheel on my card reader, but it only gives me "card errors" now. I'm stuck.

Do you like to repair it?



I have repaired several 41Cs and 41CXs, but no 41 card reader. However, I have repaired some HP-67 card readers. I can give it a try, and the forum archives are full of hints how to repair it.

If you want me to repair the card reader, you can eMail me.

Same conditions as for Peter: I'll do it for free, but you would have to pay the postage.

Greetings! Klaus

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