Where can get info on Technical Applications Manual


Seeking all people who have info & accessibility to this Manual: Step by Step Solutions For Your HP Calculator Technical Applications HP-19B & HP-27S
Reorder #00027-90053 Printed in Canada Nov198


I see that one listed on the CDs available on this site.

See http://www.hpmuseum.org/software/swcd.htm for the whole list.


Thanks Jim L. Maybe you or some one out there can help me further. Re: calculater manuals CD's 1-3 where can I locate a table of contents for these manuals & which Reference Manual,Advanced Functions Manual,and Technical Applications Manual would be most suitable for a HP17BII especially the equation solver. I will give an example of an equation on a new posting soon. I have combined 2 equations into one.


The original book equation for (speed walking aerobic fitness points)
PT=(Dx60/T)-1)xD-1 e.g. (2x60/30)-1)x2-1=5 points Where PT=points,
D=distance(2miles), & T=time(30 minutes). My equation: PM=seconds per
mile(based on 13 minute miles eg 13:21 where PM=21 seconds) I used an
equation for distance to combine two equations into one:
D=(T/(PM/60+13)x60. Therefore;
PT=(T/(PM/60+13)x60)/T-1x(T/(PM/60+13)x60)-1. When working out equation
in a step by step procedure it only works out properly up to
PM=(T/(PM/60+13)x60)/T-1 when I put the rest of the equation in the
answer is way off. What am I doing wrong?


I don't really understand what you're doing but I think you might want:


That's what you had with some more parens where I think you might need them.



This one most closely matches your original expression.

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