tds ranger/off topic a bit


i am surveying in taiwan and have been told i will go to jamaica next, i need a backup for my hp48gx with tds cogo.
is the new tds ranger too much overkill. does it function with an hp rpn calculator system, i only do large construction sites and refineries, but i like the idea of plotting a 3d topo and then printing it out, or should i get another hp 48 gx with tds cogo pro
thanks, got my hp33 today from the states, kinda junkie built arent they ,really.


When will you be there by? I ask because depending on when it is, I may have a replacement availible.



i will be going in january, after i have a xmas visit to oz.
do yu have cogo pro for a 48gx or a ranger, you can use my email off line if you want. have you used the ranger


Nope. I am talking about a new data collector based on the 49g+. We've been working on it for about 2 years and it will 95% sure be on sale in december unless I happen to die or something. ;-) Yes I have used the ranger. It is so inefficient it makes me want to cry. =(

Should be about 950$US for the full unit or 350 software+calc.


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