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I have a survey card in port 1 and a ram card in port two.. once inserted their is a process I go thru to enter into the tripod data system for surveyors... I have just changed the batteries and have reentered the cards, now the calculator will not let my process get entered so I can get back to the program, it keeps telling me no memory, I've never seen it do this, can you help or tell me where to go for help,


Pulled from the TDS manuals:

  1. Turn your HP 48 GX OFF
  2. Remove any cards you may have plugged into your 48.
  3. Insert your TDS-48 GX Surveying Card into Port 2 of your HP 48 GX. Ports 1 & 2 may be identified by the graphic on the back of the HP 48 GX.
  4. Turn the 48 [ON] and clear the system memory by pressing [ON], [A] and [F] simultaneously. A message will appear asking to try to recover memory - select NO.
  5. Type, [alpha] [alpha] T D S 4 8 and press [Enter]
  6. The following messages will appear on the display as the installation is taking place: Installing Library... Completed.
  7. When prompted to insert your RAM Card, turn your HP 48 GX OFF. Move the Survey Card from Port 2 to Port 1 and insert the RAM card in port 2.
  8. Turn your 48 [ON] and once again type [alpha] [alpha] T D S 4 8[Enter]

The first time that you install a RAM card, which has not been used previously with TDS-48 GX, the unit will prompt you with the message “Erase all data in port 2? [Y/N].” All data stored on this card will be lost when you press [Y], so be certain that you do not need any data stored on the card. In order for the program to continue you must enter [Y] to this prompt.

If you have installed the RAM card properly and you get a “No RAM card in port 2” error message, you probably have the write protect switch on you RAM card set.

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