41c 1/2N battery woes


Does anybody out there rebuild the rechargable battery pack for the 41's? My local Batteries Plus won't order the required 1/2 N's because the manager says he can only order a case of 50, and he doesn't want to be stuck with the remaining 46.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Hal


Just use ni-mh 1/3 AAA's and a piece of 1/16" double sided sticky foam to take up the extra volume. Gold Peak has one rated at 160mah which is almost 2.5X more capacity than the original HP 1/2 N cells.

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Hi, Hal,

I would recommend that you contact Mark Hoskins (waterhosko@aol.com). I have bought several hand-made rechargeable battery packs--as well as numerous other items--from Mark, and I am almost certain that one of these was a rechargeable battery pack for the HP-41 Calculator. Of all the suppliers from whom I have ever ordered on ebay, the man I would recommend the highest is Mark Hoskins. All product has been ideal, delivery has always been on-time or sooner, and prices have been most reasonable.

Unfortunately, however, Mark is not perfect; he is from Chicago, yet is NOT a White Sox fan. Dante has these people encamped in the seventh circle of hell, If I remember correctly. I am a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, myself.

Oh, by the way, if you mention my name to Mark, I'm sure that he will at least double the price he would normally have been going to charge you.

Jim Chumbley

to: Hal, hal4635@msn.com
cc: Mark Hoskins, waterhosko@aol.com

Edited: 8 Nov 2005, 4:10 a.m.

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