Paper for 9815


I recently went in search of paper for my newly-resurrected 9815 printer. I've settled on Staples part number 472872, "9 thermal rolls for gas pump receipt and credit/debit card printers", which seems to work fine and produce nice, crisp output. Here is a pointer:

There is something profoundly gratifying about suddenly not caring if I waste paper!



Very interesting. Thanks for the information. My interest is for the HP82240a/b infrared printers. I've noticed the paper in mine (the HP stuff that came with it, I believe) is just under 2.25 inches wide.

I do recall 'back in the day' that HP specified to use only HP thermal paper. As I recall, it did seem to have a distinctly smoother feeling surface than other brands. I've wondered how critical this really is.




I've also found that at Staples, they have larger, much less expensive (about half the price!) rolls (Item # 226290 - three rolls of 165feet each). They are likely too large to fit in your printer (they certainly do not fit in my 82240), but the paper seems to work fine. Perhaps a clever method of re-spooling is in order. A bit of a pain, but saves some dollars.



Real cheapskates buy two ply toilet paper and then split the plys and respool it... Life is too short to save 50 cents respooling printer paper.


True (unless one has more spare time than money), but once I couldn't find the normal length printer paper, and found it easy enough to respool half of each of the "double-length" spools onto an empty core.


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