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I have several lexfiles (71B) in a diskette (DOS). How do I send them for HP71B using the 82164A HP-IL/RS-232C Interface? The system is already configured and ready to transmit or to receive. Thank's


I have already told you how to tranfer your lex files from your DOS/Windows machine to your 71B.

OK you do not like the solution because it probably requires you to do some work, but do you intend to keep on posting the same question for ever and ever?

Old calculators are a hobby, you are supposed to spend time on your hobby. How are you going to derive any pleasure from your hobby if you have other people do all the work for your.

Its like having a gardening hobby and then asking your neighbor to do your plants.

I know very little about electronics, and I need to ask for advice every now and then, but I still try to do as much as I can on my own.

Take for example the PSU of my 9915B. Tony Duell helped me enormously to repair it, but at the end of the day I learned a lot about how the 9915 PSU works. If he merely told me "replace capacitor C29" I would have fixed it faster, but I would not have learned much.

So take the time to work on your hobby and you will find it enjoyable.



The one that I asked is very difficult that nobody helped me. I tried of everything and I didn't get. Thank you even so.


Bonjour Gileno,

1) Before trying to transmit binary, you must at least succeed in transferring ASCII (maybe you did already) : Windows Hyperterminal on the PC side and the HP program XFER will do on the Hp-71B side.

2) Provided you wired correctly your serial cables, don't forget to setup Hardware handshaking on both sides: Tony Duell gives the adequate wiring & Hp-71B program SETRS in his Lifutil distribution.

3) With an hexadecimal editor, check that the binary file you want to send has the 32 bytes LIF header. The Hp-71B COPY command will NOT work without it.

4) Then proceed as said by JF Garnier with the copy command and get prepared for hours of "try & fail" before you get the result.

Good luck.


Edited: 5 Nov 2005, 5:39 a.m.


Hi Gileno,

There is no definitive answer, it depends on what you mean by "several lexfiles (71B) in a diskette (DOS)". IF the LEX files include the right LIF header, and IF your RS232 link is correctly configured for raw binary transfer, then the basic method is:

- PC side: send the LEX file to RS232 with a communication tool

- HP-71B side: COPY :HP82164A

If this doesn't work, you will have to investigate more, as Vassilis said:-)

Let us know if it helps...



- PC side: send the LEX file to RS232 with a communication tool.

Which protocol? Ascii?

Would you already have some FTP with the ready lex to be sent?

Thank you

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