49G+-Tracing the work


I read somewhere that you can retrace a problemto see how to work that problem, kind of like a learning thing. How can I do that?


The first step is probably to formulate questions concisely and accurately.


He is probably talking about the step-by-step feature of the 49.
No clue on how to use that *wonderful* machine, however...


Sorry to be so ignorant John. I guess we can't all have the intelligence you must have. I'll take my business elsewhere.


At least that was clear.

Seriously, if you want help, spending a little bit of time to clearly frame a question is incredibly important.

Unless you do that, any other places you ask that question will still not know for sure what you are asking.


Actually, this page is more dedicated to discussing older calculators from more than 10 years ago. Many people on this page don't own any newer calculators.

For help with newer models, it is usally more appropriate to ask on comp.sys.hp48. Use google groups to read/post.


As for your first question, the 49 has step-by-step solving for certain types of problems. These often are not that helpful. Derivatives are actually very helpful (I actually learned derivatives in 9th grade by just playing with the calculator and trying to figure out what it was doing) To turn this on, go into the modes screen, and push CAS, in the next menu, there is a check box for step-by-step.



If it's anything like the 48G series machines, you can write a program, and step through it step by step to see exactly how it behaves as a debugging method. If that's what it is, then it is a nice feature and does its job quite well.


ooo.. ooo.. I have a 49G!


I don't blame you. If a guy spits in your face when you ask a civil question, most people would rightly take offense, as you have. I would just say that most of the rest of us here aren't like that, and you might want to give us all another try before you leave. I'm sorry about what happened.

Jim Chumbley

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