Xpander Connectivity Kit



Just get my own Xpander!

Nice item, but no Connectivity Cable available ;(

Can someone tell me the correct jack (I assume: 3.5 mm stereo jack like in an mp3-player) and the correct lines between this jack and the 9-pin serial-jack?

Thank you very much!

Wilhelm Loidl


Hello Wilhelm,

I haven't used my Xpander Connectivity Kit, yet. But to help you I examined the original HP cable, which accompanied my Xpander, with an Ohm-meter. To my surprise it seems defect: Only the most outer layer of the stereo jack is connected to pin 5 of the DB9 connector. Pin 5 is "Signal Ground", so the other 2 segments must be "Receive Data" (Pin 2 of DB9) and "Transmit Data" (Pin 3 of DB9). I'm going to find out which signal is connected to which segment in the near future (yes, time is a big problem). You can try the same or wait until I got the result. I saw your same question at www.xpander.org so I'm going to put the answer there, too.

Hope this helps




Hello Karl!

Thank you for the feedback!

I don't think, your cable is defect - maybe there is inside an optocoupler (hope, you understand my english interpretation ;)

In the next days, I'll try to connect the Xpander with an modifyed hp-49 serial-cable.

Thank you again

Wilhelm Loidl



No luck with an hp-49 cable.

No luck with an old Garmin RS232 (with optocoupler) cable.

I testet all possible pin-configurations (Pin 2,3 and 5 on the 9-pin-jack), made before every try an hardware-reset on the Xpander and changed the COM1/COM2 connection with the modifyed cables.

The Connectivity-Software was running on a Windows XP-PC (maybe this is a problem?);

The automatic search withe the original Software for an handshake with the Xpander did nothing find...

Every help is very welcome!

Wilhelm Loidl


My Xpander connectivity kit works under Windows XP without problem. I am going to have a look with my voltmeter

Here we are:
9 way female D type connector
To stereo 3.5mm jack

Pin 5 to sleeve (Shield)
Pin 3 to sleeve 5kOhm

A glitch between Pin 4 and ring

I guess this doesn't really help but the serial connector is longer than usual so I guess it contains some form of electronics


The connector at xpander.org

Edited: 5 Nov 2005, 3:58 p.m.


Hello Wilhelm,

as promised I tested my cable with the Connectivity Kit. It seems, your right, it works perfectly. In the manual I found a notice that no other cable should be used 'cause it is designed especially for the Xpander. Alas, there's no way to open the DB9 jack to look inside. Sorry, that I don't have better news for you. If you'd like to discuss the Xpander in more detail you can write me at LKL_Butte@web.de.



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