HP41CV Memory is not expandable?



last weekend was very joyful about calcs: my friend at his workplace find some HP41 accessories for me. I tried to expand my 41CV's memory with two HP82106A Memory Module in port 1 and port 2, but it is not worked. When I try to use other packs (Time Module, Stat I at port 3 and port 4) those are worked perfectly... What was wrong? Any idea acceptable! (I'm very beginner about 41 family...)

Thank you!


Hello Csaba,

1) With your Hp-41CV, you already have the full possible amount of conventional RAM (ie 319 registers). The other modules you mention are ROM/System modules which map to a different address space.

The 82106 modules cannot be used with the CV and were solely designed to bring a normal Hp-41C up to the capacity of your Hp-41CV.

Your only choices are now either sell them to an Hp-41C owner or donate/trade them with Diego Diaz at Clonix, who uses the shells to manufacture super Rom/Ram modules.

2) That being said, you may extend your Hp-41CV memory by using the Extended Functions/Memory module that will provide you with memory you can save/load your programs from/to.

3) Or better, when you get used and appreciate your 41, have a look to Diego's modules at the link above or Meindert's solution at: MLDL 2000

These 2 solutions are the best I know to extend your Hp-41 possibilities in a flexible and reliable way.

Cheers from France!


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