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Hi there!!!

My name is JOCHEN from GERMANY and I´m looking for a solution concerning the following problem:

I bought an unused HP67 before some weeks. The calculator looks very good like freshly made from the factory. At the beginning the card reader worked fine, but after approx 20 readings the reader starts to transport the last card very slow with the result that the 2nd side was not readeable because the motor speed was near "0" (zero) - or to say it with other words: the card reader motor goes stuck!!! For the first time I thought, the battery pack is empty but now it is clear that the source of the problem is the transport mechanism. At the moment the motor is running but it´s not possible to read a card because the mentioned mechanism don´t pick up the card - it´s only possible to insert the card and to start the motor - nothing more!!! I think the problem is the word "unused"!!! The preowner stored the calculator very safe for a long time and used the card reader only from time to time - I recognized on several cards (on the magnetic side) a substance, maybe it comes from the lubrication of the card reader. The substance was only removeable from the magnetic cards with technical
alcohol. Long speech (sorry...), short sense: WHO CAN HELP???

By the way: I believe it´s a mechanical problem, but is it possible to solve it via DO IT YOURSELF??? My education as electronic engineer does not include good mechanical skills so it would be great to find someone or a company which is able to repair the calculator.

Greetings from Germany,



Yes this problem is the most common with HP card readers. There is a roller made from rubber inside the calculator that grips the card and passes it through. Unfortunately this kind of rubber disintegrates with the time. I would counsel you not to make any further use of the card reader while it isn't repaired --some parts could be damaged due to the disintegrating rubber messing all around and causing the card reader parts to get stuck.


This problem exists in practically all 67s that have not already been repaired. Even if a person tells you that it works fine, they don't always test it enough times.

I once asked a person on eBay that claimed that the reader worked, to run a card through the reader a couple of dozen times. He came back to me and said, "you are right, it now does not work".

The good news is that if the motor turns, you can have it repaired. Just make sure you send it to someone who knows what they are doing.


yes, it is a very common problem......
I bought my hp41 in 1980 and I have to repair the card reader in 2 oportunities.....!!!!

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