HP48G - Popping rivets to open


Hi there, Does anyone have any detailed information about opening the 48g by popping the rivets? 'H.D.'(?) made mention in a forum (back in Semptember) that he/she did it and that they were going to post some information for anyone interested.....not sure if they did or not. Apparently be opening it this way, there is no to very minimal damage done to the calculator. Thanks,

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It's documented on hpcalc.org (HP48 Openining section). If you need extra help, I don't mind answering questions (I've done it several times with no problems).


Cheers thanks for that!!! Is this the same way that you opened yours? No problems breaking the rivets or casing?


The rivets aren't broken per se. You are simply prying them apart. And yes, I've opened several of mine this way. I forgot to leave my email in the last post, but this one contains my email should you have further difficulties opening it.

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