Rechargeable NiMh 1/2 N Cells for Battery Pack Rebuild


I have had a response from GP Batteries about the GP23NH 1/2 N size NiMh rechargeable batteries that are needed for rebuilding of the HP41 rechargeable battery packs.

They can supply these cells but only in boxes of 400 at a cost of about $3.50 per cell. If enough people wanted these at this sort of price (plus shipping costs) it might hence be possible to obtain them.

This seems pretty costly to me so my guess is that there probably wouldn't be a lot of interest. But I thought it might be worth mentioning here in case I am wrong about this.

If there was sufficient interest I might be able to coordinate a bulk purchase.

Brian Gladman


Check your part number and quote. I think you want the GP18NH....


I used this Technical Information to find the GP23NH, which is a 1/2 N NiMh cell. Do you believe this information is wrong for some reason?

Brian Gladman


My local battery guy called it a GP18. I have also seen the GP18 number in a couple of other posts somewhere. Must be a GP23 though... the manufacturer is seldom wrong.


GP Batteries have been uprating the capacity of many of their NiMh cells - my guess is that there used to be a GP18NH (180 mAh) but that this has now been uprated to GP23NH (230 mAh). Sadly the manufacturer will only deal in boxes of 400 though.

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