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Recently Meindert Kuipers sent me a copy of his incredible brainchild, the MLDL 2000. At the risk of wasting bandwidth, I MUST say that this is an incredible achievement. Mine is not assembled yet, but the feature set is impressing, as well as the component quality (everything is screaming "nicely engineered").
Also very impressing is the packaging, very friendly communication with the author, and many surprise goodies included in the package. M.Kuipers is willing to run the extra mile to please us amateurs. This is a work of the brain, and the heart.
A big thank you, I'm eager to see this marvel at work.



I share GE´s word. My MLDL2001 has arrived today, after 2 days of shipping!!!
Although I do not understand all it´s preferences yet, I´m fascinated of the technique and the fast communication with the PC.

Maybe there is also another german speaking user of the MLDL2000 which I can share words.... feel free to contact me.



Hi, all;

I'm waiting for my MLDL2000 as well, and I have been reading many stuff about the HP41 guts. I was fortunate enough having the MoHPC DVD and one particular book seems to be the very starting point: HP41 internals. There are some very interesting, practical examples there on how to create custom add-ons for the HP41.

to Matthias: verzeihen Sie, bitte; Ich spreche kein Deutsch d8^( (but I am studying, be sure...d8^), but I'd greatly appreciate knowing about what others are doing and their developments with Meindert´s MLDL2000. I do not know if it sounds too much enthusiastic for now, but what about a decicated MLDL2000 developers forum? I am not suggesting out of MoHPC boundaries, this could be discussed with Dave Hicks, but I'd like to contribute and read about others achievements with MLDL2000. As an example, we can mention the impressive HP41Z, the complex calculator by Ángel Martin, with the best example of documented ROM code (I do not know if Ángel used an MLDL2000 to develop teh HP41Z, and if he mentioned this fact I honestly do not remember, but this is one of the first custom ROM I'll download and delve into studying). I'd vote for keeping his coding form as a standard coding, unless better suggestions arise. Please, these are just suggestions of mine in order to concentrate this sort of activity in one chunk of space, wherever it could be. Any ideas about this?

Well, I'm just waiting to have mine in hands. Also, I'm contacting Diego Diaz and I'm definitely going to add a Nov32 to my 41 family soon...

Who, at HP HQ, in his own conscience, would dare dreaming of predicting that in 2005 would exist new designs and final, brand new products for a ~30 Y.O. calculator? Daring and true! I am not sure, but I remember that at the time I had my HP41C, I used to see guys playing with the first Apple Computers, and IBM PC were running D.O.S. 3.3®... Sounds strange, ahn?


Luiz (Brasil)

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Hi, all;

sorry, I wrongly wrote HP41 internals (have no idea where this came from) instead of HP-41 MCode for Beginners, by Ken Emmery.




Guys, many thanks for your kind words. I have always wanted to make my own MLDL since I started a professional career and the HP41 was phased out by HP. With todays technology this is now possible and I am more than happy to share the results with all the good friends who like the '41. Being able to edit individual words in an HP41 ROM from my PC is a dream come true .....

I am considering to setup a mailing list for the MLDL2000 users (with google groups for example), but this Forum is a better place. Even those without an MLDL2000 or Clonix/NoVRAM can contribute with their knowledge. Now that most MLDL2000 units are shipped and a new production batch of Diego's tool available we can expect more and more questions (and answers) about mcode and the HP41 internals. It is better to share this with the whole community and make our activities visible rather than create our own little corner on the web.

And Matthias, I do speak German, Skype is a good way to communicate if you want.



Indeed it is an awesome little piece of kit. Mine arrived safely and rather than throw it together and start playing with it, I am taking my time and documenting each step. I'll probably post a review and some photos here eventually.
It is just wonderful, in the truest sense of that word.

MLDL 2074

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