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Does the presence of any crack or fracture near the battery casing of an HP28S indicate a serious problem in development? Thanks


Hi, Samuel;

I had an HP28S that was stolen about two years ago. Thanks to a fortunate moment, I was able to buy another one in about a month after acceptin g the fact it was stolen. The one I had was bought new in the box, and I took as much care as possible when changing batteries. The battery door was perfect, no cracks, no visible sign of wearing. The one I have have now seems to be carefully taken as well, but the compartment door seems a little 'flaky', if this is the correct word. I'm affraid it will crack due to the surface aspect.

So, it seems to me that, sometimes, the HP28S battery door suffers from a weak, somehow thin design. I should say that the design itself is not the main issue, instead the material used. I'd go for the newer design seen in the HP19BII, with a big door and a safer interlock.


Luiz (it seems to me I did not answer to your question...)

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