HP71B <-> HP 41CX (HP-IL)


How do I send a string of a 71B for a hp41CX through HP-IL?


HP-71B side:

HP-41C side:



I have a HP41CX, HP9114B and a connected HP71B for HPIL. How do I record files in HP9114B using HP71B?


Gileno wrote:
> I have a HP41CX, HP9114B and a connected HP71B for HPIL. How do I
> record files in HP9114B using HP71B?

For accessing the diskette drive from the HP-71B, it needs to be
the loop controller. Since you cannot have two loop controllers and
the software on the 41C assumes that *it* is the loop controller, you have to remove the 41C from the loop. Then you can save files on the 9114B from your 71B. You can then reconnect the 41C and either place the 71B in slave mode or (even better) remove it from the loop.

Read the HP-IL Interface Owner's Manual, file 82401a.pdf in the MoHPC DVD.



But I didn't want to remove HP71 of HPIL. :-(


Hi, and for saving my programs in the 71B, what should I do, as there is one week I'm trying to do this?

Thanks! Artur



You need the X-I/O module and use the INP/OUTP functions. You may have to write a few lines of code on the HP-71B side.

Without X-I/O, you will just be able to print programs (with PRP) to the HP-71B as text files, but not reload them back into the 41C.



Hi Artur,

you may take a look at ftp://ftp.hpmuseum.org/lif/swap/swap10/xfer4171.txt

Regards, Achim

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