NiMh 500mah 'N' Cell Source


For those of you looking for the highest capacity 'N' cells, here is a source I just found:


Click on the "Battery" heading on the left. They also have the highest quality 'N' cell to 'AA' battery adapter for charging I have found. I own two different adapter types, and these (my third) are by far the best. They are worth buying even if you already have a set.

These batteries took 3 full hours to charge on my 5 hr. NiMh fast charger that came with my 2300mah 'AA' battery set. I expect that it will take about 1 1./2 - to 2 hrs. with subsequent charges.

PLEASE - no more warnings about corrosion doom from you experts out there. It has been published over and over. I personally don't buy the claim. ALL BATTERIES can cause corrosion - even the highly touted alkaline. NO BATTERIES should be stored in the '41. This 'heads-up' is not for the nay sayers - it is ment for those who ARE trying to find the highest capacity and best quality 'N' cells available. These will do nicely.


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Thanks Donald: I just bought 12 batteries and 4 adapters.



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They have all of one battery left in stock.


When I first visited the site I only found two batteries available so I wrote to Chris and asked if he planned to have new cells coming.

He reset the amount to 17 and when I left there were 5 available to the next one... seems like someone came before you.



Hi Massimo,

Please post a note when you receive these. I'm a bit cautious as almost all products in the flashlight/battery section are sold out, and the website seems a bit out of date.




As of the moment of this post, he is out of stock. His business is about 5 miles down the road from my home, so I personally visited his machine shop. Chris is a great guy and has a complete machine shop. Part of the reason many of his items are currently out of stock is because he has heavy orders from Japan and other countries, and he has to fill those orders/committments before he has stock for his web site. Currently he has flashlite shipments schedualled for Feb. 2006.

Since his NiMh 'N' cell stock was reduced to two (2) when I picked up my order and many of his other products were 'out of stock', I asked him if he was discontinuing his flashlite and battery line. He assured me that he was not - that he had just placed a rush order for more batteries, that these are still the highest capacity 'N' cells he could find. Nothing bigger is known.

I have been using them only for about 4 days, so my experience with them is limited - but I would not have concerns about their availability. They will be in stock soon.


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Thanks for the info, Donald.


As of the time of this post, there are 8 'N' cells available for sale. They must be going fast as he usually buys them by the case.



As of the time of this post, there are 8 'N' cells available for sale. They must be going fast as he usually buys them by the case.

Donald, since you live near him, you could probably make a few bucks by buying his stock and them re-selling them with reasonable shipping rates.


Unfortunately my recent experience with shipping costs have demonstrated that most companies get a volume discount of up to 50% on shipping. As an example, I recently purchased a piece of electronics equipment with a shipping cost to me of $19. I had to pay $38 return shipping with the same shipper to ship the equipment back due to defective operation.

Believe me - I'm better off as an information source than a hardware source.

There are now 17 'N' cells in stock.


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